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V.D. - U.S. said:
There are many different reasons that someone might want to complete a tefl course. The reasons could range from purely personal motivation to a requirement for a teaching job. Increasing teaching positions, especially international positions, are requiring tefl certificates because tefl courses prepare teachers for the challenges they might face teaching english to students. There are a number of different ways to obtain a tefl certificate including online and in-person classes, and there are courses that provide a range of classroom hours for students to choose from. It makes sense that many individuals looking to teach in the future may want to or may be asked to obtain a tefl certificate as it provides teachers with extra skills specifically tailored for working with students in the process of learning english. Even teachers who have been working with students for years can benefit from tefl courses, as it provides insight into what working with students learning english might be like. tefl courses allow you to build on and perfect the skills you already have in a fun and informative manner. Teaching students english who are non-native speakers presents many challenges a teacher working with native english speakers may not face, and to be prepared for the difference it is very important to consider a tefl course. tefl courses are not only beneficial for teachers to help build their confidence as an effective and engaging teacher, but they are also helpful for students to be working with a teacher who has knowledge about working with students learning english. As a teacher one of the greatest benefits I have seen while taking a tefl course is that it allows you to improve your already existent skills as a teacher, and teaches you how to apply them to work with a new group of students. A lot of the activities and lessons a teacher uses when working with native english speaking students might still be useful, but lessons and worksheets do need to be tailored to take into consideration the group that you are working with. Another benefit of taking a tefl course is that revisiting some of the english skills you have already mastered makes you really think about the material and the way that it needs to be presented to individual learning english for the first time. Personally, I have learned that I take for granted some of the things I know as a native english speaker, and through this tefl course I have been forced to rethink ways of teaching and explaining certain concepts to my students to make sure they can master these same skills. Regardless of what the motivation behind taking a tefl course might be, the skills that a teacher can learn through a tefl course are invaluable. Not only will a tefl course provide teachers with the opportunity to think about implementing certain lessons among non-native english speaking students, but will allow teachers to reevaluate their own teaching styles and methods to make sure they are as helpful for students as they possible can be. I think a tefl course could be helpful for anyone and everyone with an interest in teaching english internationally or in their home country. If you have been teaching for a year or for twenty years, the skills you can learn in a tefl course will only make you a better educator. Increasingly students are looking to learn english for education, job, and personal reasons and as well all know, learning english can be an extremely challenging task. Students looking to learn english need the best positive teachers they can have, and a tefl course will help you become just that.