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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

Before taking this course, I have already had firsthand experience in the classroom. I have also done one to one lessons after my day job. Experiencing teaching for myself is possibly the most effective way for me to learn how to teach and find my style of teaching. However, this course has provided me a solid foundation of knowledge through theories on paper that I gained from hands on experience. This course has filled the gaps where I was confused and provided me with alternate solutions to fulfill my students' needs. From what I learned in the course, I can now apply it in the classroom to see which methods are most effective for my students. By discovering which methods work, I can also develop my style of teaching and controlling a class in the process. Finding out how one's style of teaching takes a long time. It is important for me to stay consistent with my style so that students understand what is expected from them. Also, in the years of my education, I have never formally learned grammar in public school in canada. I had to attend after school programs to help polish my grammar abilities so that I can write essays and homework correctly. This course has given me a chance to review the tenses and the booklets from the grammar units can provide me help in the future. Overall, I believe that if I took this course before my teaching job, it could have helped me more. I found this course to be rather easy because I have encountered many of the topics that this course offers. This course gave me several methods and ideas that I can implement in the future towards different level and age of students. This course made me realize that younger students need to be more engaged at the beginning and I plan to use more activities and games at the beginning of my class rather than the end. I look forward to applying and seeing what works and doesn't work in my class.