TEFL Bear Lake Pennsylvania

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

The reason we decided to complete a tefl course is because we will be teaching english in china for the next 3 or 4 years and we believed this course would give us a lot of guidance and help when it came to doing the job. My wife and I are not strangers when it comes to teaching as we both have been involved in teaching young people for quite a few years now, but this course gave us everything we needed to make sure we had the right tools in order to give our students the best and most rewarding experience. If someone wishes to be able to teach in another country and be among a different culture and meet and interact with new people, the tefl course gives you that step toward achieving those goals. Putting all that aside, if those are none of your desires it will simply make you a better english teacher. Here are some quotes from the tefl website of people saying why they took on the course: ‘Completing a recognised tefl course has many travel, employment, and personal growth and development opportunities' ‘Over 1 billion people in the world want to learn english. With numbers like that, it is obvious that if a person is willing to commit to completing a tefl course, and search for the job they want, there are jobs to be had.' Because we will complete this tefl course job opportunities will be made available to us. Employers in schools would like to see that their teachers have the correct knowledge and skills to help their students learn and grow in the language. They will want to see that you are committed to teaching, and having a tefl qualification completed in your own time and with your own money proves you are willing to learn that bit extra in order to make a difference. Because this course is complete we can create a proper lesson plan, use correct teaching aids, put together appropriate worksheets, giving effective feedback, teach different types of grammar effectively, build rapport, discipline fairly and to mark work correctly, to name a few. Confidence has been built as teaching in a different country to different people can be quite daunting. tefl in known throughout the world. Wherever you decide to teach it will be recognised as a teaching qualification. Throughout the course tasks are set and written work will be required but worksheets are given to help and guide. If there is anything that cannot be understood a tutor is always on hand to give advice and guidance. An hour a night is sufficient study to complete the course and valuable knowledge in gained. The course is not a degree or anything close but it gives you everything you need for when you start teaching that first class. Because we have completed the tefl course students will benefit from our teaching, and that is what a teacher wants. If you want to be an effective teacher and make a difference in your students lives the tefl course gives you all that in a short amount of time. The tefl course for whatever reason it is completed will give you what you need. It is well structured and well organised and you don't need to be degree educated to achieve it. It will give you understanding of the students as well as understanding of how to teach them. It has given us everything we need to go out into the world and achieve our goals and we would recommend it to anyone going down the same route.