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Teaching vocabulary can be quit interesting. Having a good vocabulary can increase a student's ability to read and comprehend their world in books, activities, communication and listening. As a student's vocabulary increases so does his/her ability to read and comprehend learning materials, textbooks, and interpretation of the world around him/her. Teaching Vocabulary skills requires teaching instructors to have some familiarity with active skill teaching like: reading vocabulary, writing vocabulary, listening to vocabulary, and speaking vocabulary. teachers can help make vocabulary easy by using strategies from active speaking and active learning engagements. Teaching strategies can range from simple activities to more complicated projects for students. The method of teaching vocabulary can be challenging and for some almost seem impossible. Good methods help make these challenges easier and less complicated. Some methods of teaching vocabulary depend on the level of the class. Students usually are either beginner, intermediate or advanced. The teachers teaching method approach may depend greatly on the classification levels. If they are beginners than it would be appropriate to teach slow at a pace the students can handle, if they are intermediate than perhaps pausing and making visual eye contact or showing some type of positive body motion can help them figure out if their pronouncing the words correctly. As for Advance students the pace may be a little faster with less repetition. It is important to keep in mind that the vocabulary words should be simple yet challenging and in accordance to the class level of the students. Teaching methods of vocabulary stems from correct teaching methods itself. It is important that the teacher makes his/herself clear when teaching vocabulary. The teacher's voice should be pitch, the sound of the words should be clear so that the students can interpret and process the information effectively. Repetition is an essential method in teaching vocabulary, especially new vocabulary words. Having a good source for vocabulary words is also an important part of teaching vocabulary. Sources for vocabulary material can range from dictionaries, course books or some simple articles related to class lessons. Word exercises act as a good method in teaching vocabulary as well as giving the students good practice. It is important to be patient and encouraging when teaching students new vocabulary, the reason for this is some students feel different emotions when learning new things, these emotions can range from fear of embarrassment or feeling frustrated at their own mistakes. In any case it is important for the teacher to recognize these problems and act as a problem solver. Praises for the student's efforts helps in these cases. Encouragement is an important method in teaching vocabulary. Tools and strategies help with the comprehension of vocabulary words. There are a large range of tools and strategies in teaching english. Visual tools such as video use, pictures, or projectors become useful aids in a classroom. Associating words with pictures are an effective tool in learning new vocabulary words. Basically the more ways you can get the students to look at a word the better the chance they have to remember it and retrieve it later. The board is one of the most important visual tools in teaching vocabulary. In my opinion the board should be used in the majority of english lessons. There are some important strategies and techniques in teaching vocabulary and lessons in general. They are as follows; Always have a genuine purpose behind the vocabulary and lessons you are delivering, Make sure the lesson for vocabulary are engaging and interactive, Allow the students the opportunity to direct their own learning, Expecting mispronunciation and bad spelling of words are apart of the learning process, be easy on vocabulary mistakes, and lastly use Humor as this will help relieve tension. Dull mechanical approaches have little to no impact on students learning vocabulary. It is essential that classroom involvement be used in learning vocabulary lessons. Various vocabulary games can be used for this purpose. Also students helping one another through class participation can help the process of learning as this helps with classroom involvement. There are many other teaching strategies that can be used in teaching vocabulary. Each teacher should contemplate his/her teaching strategy for their class. Eliminating vocabulary problems when teaching vocabulary are important. There are often problems that arise when teaching vocabulary. Some of these problems may include the students having a difficult time with memorization, the teacher creating a boring setting, the vocabulary being above the classroom level or the teacher may be teaching at an accelerated pace. No matter what the problems may be, it is important for the teacher to recognize these problems that cause learning barriers for students. If your class is having a hard time retaining vocabulary words, you may want to refer back to some useful techniques like; Coming up with visual hints, appointing a study friend to another student, create an active vocabulary game or give them a short simple vocabulary list. As I mentioned previously the teacher should have tools and strategies to help him/her tackle learning problems that arise in the classroom. I think it is also important for the teachers to utilize any esl manuals or teaching reference books to assist them in solving the student vocabulary problems. Most importantly, if a teacher is conscious of these learning problems then they can eliminate them quickly and effectively. In conclusion, I would say for any teacher who would like to improve teaching vocabulary, should seek some advice and tips from other experienced teachers. Perhaps these experience teachers can give them some helpful pointers in developing a sound teaching method for teaching vocabulary. Also be sure to insure that you've managed your classroom well. And lastly although there are many teaching qualities a teacher should have, I believe two of the most important are patience and insight.