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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

As an avid reader, I have always enjoyed english literature, and in my professional career I have had to undertake research, prepare and deliver reports, write letters, emails and memos and have always been interested in grammar. At risk of sounding conceited, I also harboured a belief that my own personal education was above average, particularly in relation to english grammar. Despite that belief, this course has identified some shortcomings in my own education and understanding of the english language, particularly in what I considered to be more obscure areas of grammar such as modal auxiliary verbs. As with most native english speakers, I have been comfortable fluently constructing language from a very early age. However, I didn't completely understand the methodology that was being employed in doing so. As a result of this course I feel that my understanding of the ‘why' behind the ‘how' of language construction has improved markedly to the point where I would feel relatively confident explaining to someone else how and why english language is constructed the way it is. In addition I have gained valuable insights into other areas of teaching such as: • Facilitation and motivational techniques; • Lesson planning; • Teaching theory; • The importance of games in the process of learning; • The issues faced by speakers of other languages; • Some of the peculiarities of the english language; • Valuable references in relation to where to access materials and support; • How to supplement course materials and how to make it relevant. Surprisingly, it has identified what a good education in a native english speaking country fails to provide in relation to english language comprehension. Something I would attempt to rectify with students if given the chance. Rest assured, I am not naïve enough to believe I can go straight out having completed a 120 hour (at least!) course and be a holistic and competent teacher. I realise that I will continue to learn and improve for the rest of my teaching career. However, this course has certainly given me a broad and solid foundation from which to begin and some essential information regarding what to expect when I begin to put this into practice. It has also given me a much better idea of who and how I would like to teach. I see myself teaching mono-lingual classes of adults with a business bias. I am hoping that my existing experience with the language of business, its systems and process and my involvement with facilitation and presentations will help to support my aspirations in this area.