TEFL Butler Wisconsin

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

In my opinion this online esl course has been very helpful for me in improving my language and teaching skills. I could study at my own pace, revolving my family life and working life. I have gained a lot of techniques and knowledge which I could use to teach others. It has taught me materials and teaching ideas to be used in a classroom. I have learned how to teach esl class through music, film, videos, the Internet to find materials and how to create a lesson plan based on conversation, grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Before I took the course, I thought I had a good knowledge of grammar, but I was wrong. I have learned english throughout my academic years, however if we do not put it into practice on a daily basis, we could possibly makes ourselves. Learning all over again in a step to step basis has actually refreshed my mind in terms of grammar and the usage of correct sentence structure. Most important of all I have learned that learning or teaching never stops. Even though we become teachers there is still room to learn and share our knowledge with others. The course has also given us many websites that we could use as a link to get various ideas in teaching vocabulary, grammar, games, quizzes and many more. Basically I have developed my confidence and understanding in teaching future students. I could use this knowledge in understanding various culture and people from all over the world. There are many things that I have learned that I would like to put into practice. First of all I would like to include the warm up session, engage stage, study stage and activate stage in my lesson plan. If we can outline a lesson plan for any topic or lesson than I think teaching would not be a problem. Lesson plan is a sufficient guide of what need to be taught in a class. I was not aware f this, before I started the course. I also did not know teaching a language could be so much of fun for both teachers and students. There are several strategies that we have learned such as using a story, a dialog, using pictures, mime, prompts, games activities in our teaching. I have learned how to combine these strategies in teaching language and at the same time making it exciting for the students. The other part was learning past, present, future tense, grammar and all the usage of sentence structures. This looked very easy from the top when I attempt it; I felt it's quite a challenge as we normally take things for granted. Learning through mistakes allows me to be more efficient where I know what mistakes the students could do. Now that I have learned it and willing to learn more will allow me to help others. I have also learned that as a student we need a lot of exposure to the language itself. The only way to have exposure is to focus on these aspects which are reading, listening, speaking and writing. This is the key in a language. The more practice we have on these aspects the more we could contribute in our lesson. There is so much more that I could put into action but for the moment this are the main highlight, for me. I would like to find more productive and innovative ways to teach students.