TEFL Cape Elizabeth Maine

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I think the course was very well structured and covered all the necessary areas to enter a classroom with the confidence of teaching with a supported methodology. One of the most valuable things about the course is the language awareness section which is essential inside the classroom. With the topics about english grammar I gained insights, knowledge and clarification in the use of rules and to be able to transfer that knowledge to the students. Lots of the explanations, graphics and examples in the course will be helpful when explaining grammar to my students. I also gained skills and teaching ideas that I will apply in future lessons or anywhere where teaching is needed. I have been in situations where the students need to learn reading and writing skills in their native language, especially in some universities. Also, in this course I found interesting ideas that I can use to teach these special groups. I really enjoyed the units related to evaluation, materials and managing classes. These are the areas that I had more trouble with. Now I have a better understanding and fun ideas on how to create materials or adapt the ones that are available in the market or the internet; how to arrange the classroom and how to evaluate students according to the expected results. I didn't think knowing students' interests and motivations were vital when teaching english, however the knowledge of who my students are and the skills of being able to lead them into a different language and culture is absolutely important to make them feel successful. Ultimately, this is the teachers' best reward. All the processes and explanations to build my lesson plans were easy to understand and they lead me to create nicer and more organized lesson plans and materials. The tefl course has come up to my expectations and been a great experience. I think I can use this learning as a tool in the future when the opportunity comes for me to explore jobs in South-American countries. This is going to give me the chance to experience in-depth culture, apply my knowledge and practice my teaching skills professionally.