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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

N.D. - Mauritius said:
This course has brought much enlightenment on various ways of approaching how to teach the english language. One of the aspects I found most useful was the structure of a lesson plan using the ESA methodology. This is a great way to plan and organise lessons and the lesson plan template is certainly something I will be using in my career as a tefl teacher. I have also learnt that although a lesson plan may be organised in a specific way, sometimes there may be problems which arise in class and the lesson plan would have to be modified and edited to suit that particular class. It is always a good idea to have hard copies of documents that have been used and will be covered in classes, and a record of student’s progress because you might find that you will need them as evidence to support any claims you make to an observer or the school you work for. The teaching ideas provided in this course are definitely going to be of great help when I begin teaching. My tutor was also very kind enough to provide me with some websites which contain more teaching ideas which I am rather excited to put into practice. It would be interesting to see how different teaching ideas work with different groups of students. As much as students would love to play games in every lesson, it is important not to over use them as they can become bored. I would save using games when student’s motivation seems to be sinking, when the lesson plan has been covered and there is still remaining time till the end of the lesson and when a major concept has been covered successfully. Apart from the teaching skills taught in this course, I benefitted from the information on english grammar and language. Although some of the areas were challenging, I can certainly see how useful it would be to a non english speaker. My tutor was helpful in explaining all the errors I made and all the questions I had. I do feel like I should practice some grammar exercises just to keep building up on my knowledge and this would make me more confident when it comes to teaching. I guess a good idea would be to plan notes I would be using in classes and to make sure the examples I use in class are relevant and correct and lastly to complete any exercises, which I plan to give out in class, before the lesson so that I am sure of the answers and therefore more confident when providing feedback to students. Overall this was a very informative course which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to end. tutor support was excellent all throughout and I am happy to have taken on this journey… it’s only the beginning!