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Without a doubt a motivated student is always more fun than one who is not. After all, it makes the job easier for the teacher and the rest of the students in the class if students are willing to cooperate and learn. Students who enjoy learning and being taught are far more susceptible to be enthusiastic and cooperative. There is nothing worse than having 12 unmotivated students in your class; this is a nightmare in itself. Therefore, it is up to the teacher to find different ways to motivate students. Every one of us is able to communicate, we are creatures born to speak. Furthermore, knowledge of a common language is essential. Despite this, not everyone has the same talkative abilities and this becomes difficult when learning a language because languages require people to speak. It can be said that different learners will have a huge impact on motivation in classrooms. If we take younger children or younger learners they are more prone to be enthusiastic and will not care too much if they make mistakes because they are resilient and will bounce back. However, younger learners are forced to study a language; it might not necessarily be their choice to study english. If students are forced into something they do not want to do this can be very detrimental and in the case of students in a classroom this can be very disheartening for a teacher. Unlike younger learners, adult learners possess different characteristics. They may have to study english for employment reasons or in order to get into university. Or they may simply want to study english because they like it. Adult learners have the choice. This is what stands them apart from younger learners as they are not likely to disturb the peace of the classroom and they are more likely to be motivated. However, adult learners may find it difficult to get back into the swing of studying again ad may get frustrated at times. The best way a teacher can enhance motivation for all of his / her students is by creating a non-threatening, stimulating classroom, full of varied activities that will motivate students and prompt them to learn. It is important that the teacher is just as motivated as the students are because if students see an unmotivated teacher in front of them, this will not instil confidence. Right from the go, teachers must be warm, kind and welcoming, making an effort to learn students' names. This will signal to students that their teacher is willing and eager to get to know them, which hopefully will transfer to the students. The teacher should be ready and prepared to ask questions about his / her pupils in an attempt to slyly gauge their english level but at the same time it proves to students that their teacher actually cares about them and wants to know more. By gauging the english level of students, teachers can then prepare and structure future lessons. Right from the first lesson, teachers should try to motivate students by making them participate in warm up activities; getting them to think and move around, as well as activities which get them speaking to their fellow classmates. It is important that instructions are clear, loud and precise so that all students can hear and understand them. In order to motivate students, teachers should set target goals and objectives for students to reach and accomplish. Perhaps at the start of each lesson teachers should go over to the class what the objective of the lesson is and what the goals are for the end of lesson. This way students and teacher know what is to be expected, therefore, this should eliminate confusion and prompt motivation.