TEFL Coalville Utah

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have gained a good insight into what my strengths and weaknesses are likely to be when teaching tefl. I have learned that my grammar is strong. I have had a good background in grammar and I also really like it, so I think this will be a plus. I have learned the usefulness and necessity of lesson plans. How to create one and the importance of doing it thoroughly so that another teacher can take the class at a moment's notice, using my plan. I need to exercise extra discipline with lesson plans because I am used to making a rough outline on paper and then putting it somewhere where I can consult it if I need to, but hardly ever need to. Teaching tefl will demand from me the very detailed preparation that I have learned in this course. I have realized the importance of fun activities. I tend to be very serious about teaching and learning, so it would behoove me to lighten up during part of the class, so the lessons are fun as well as educational. Naturally the ratio of fun/learning would be different for each age and level. The video for Unit 10 was brilliant. The teacher portrayed so well what not to do, and then what should be done. Very valuable. It has become clear that there is an absolute necessity to take a back seat during (a good deal of) the class. Student participation is obviously the heart and soul of the ESA method and probably any method of tefl. The biggest help the class has been to me was that it gave me lots of valuable material to build on while teaching. I became acquainted with a great deal of new ideas and possibilities. I am especially grateful for the positive, detailed and thorough feedback from my tutor. I did my absolute best (on the whole, I think) and it was good to feel that my efforts were taken seriously. I plan to stick religiously to the material I have learned until I have gained enough experience and familiarity with tefl to gradually bring a more personal approach to my classes. Perhaps I will never need to tweak my approach at all! Time will tell. I have learned that I will probably be best suited to teaching adults - any level and either a class or one to one. My tendency to listen to what students want and need was reinforced, and I like the idea of being a facilitator rather than a motivator. I enjoy the challenge of 'personalizing' a course to fit the students' needs.