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A.K. - Germany said:
I have learned that there are many different ways to teach students. Lessons can include different types of materials to make the lesson more interesting and can be varied in different combinations. I need to know all these different ways of teaching because the students can differ very much from each other as well, not just concerning their age, their english level or reason why they want to learn english, but also concerning their way of learning: some students learn better during writing activities, some students learn better during group work, etc. I need to make sure I know my students well enough and how I can deal with them in the most successful way. Feedbacks will help me with that as well. The course helped me a lot because I could train planning lessons and got the feeling that I know how to deal with a class. I am aware of problems which can appear and know what I can do to solve these problems. Finally, the last necessary, missing thing concerning teaching successfully is practical practice and experience, which I will gain with time. Soon I will apply in tokyo as an english teacher and will do my best to teach japanese students the new language. I am looking forward to the upcoming teaching experiences.