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P.M. - Canada said:
Through the process of using ESA in all my lesson planning, I understood the importance of each phase of the methodology and their respective “do’s and don’ts”. In the classes I teach at my job, I would find myself so rushed to just get through the required textbook readings and activities each week. ESA has taught me to approach my lesson planning in a different way and it has considerably improved my teaching as well as student engagement in the class. For example, before doing the course I would go right into the material, neglecting the engage phase. The students would be lethargic and forced in their responses. Once I learned about the significance of the engage phase and examples of how to put it into practice, I applied it into my own classroom and saw an immediate change in classroom dynamics and efficiency. Even though it would take up 5 to 10 minutes of class, it got the students speaking english and energetic, making the rest of the class go considerably faster. I also learned about what kind of activities would be suitable in the study and activate phases. Often, many teachers would finish their class using a study phase activity instead of an activate activity. I learned how important it is to finish every class in the activate phase and to avoid the temptation to interfere during the phase, instead , choosing to spend more time preparing the students in the study phase so they make less language errors in activate.