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T. B. - Spain said:
I have personally learnt a lot more about english Grammar than I was anticipating. I didn't think my knowledge was so incomplete. Although it's been years since I studied the subject, and I've obviously forgotten a lot of it. It opened my eyes to what we simply take for granted when speaking our native language. It has also made me think about how to plan lessons to make them interesting and fun for everyone, since I had no previous knowledge or experience of this. I found this quite difficult at first, but as the units progressed I found myself enjoying the challenge. The course was very comprehensive and has provided me with the knowledge, teaching skills and confidence to pursue my new career. I live in spain and am fairly fluent in spanish so I plan to start by finding students to teach one-on-one. I would ultimately like to work in an english language school here in spain. I have a 5 year of son who goes to spanish school and therefore learns spanish grammar, so I'm now able to use my new skills and knowledge to teach him english at home in a more fun, interesting and productive way.