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L.S. - Colombia said:
This course has been very enlightening and profitable. Though I was born in Bogotá, Colombia I could be considered a native speaker because I learned to speak english alongside spanish and then at 14 my family relocated to the united states where I learned the culture and gained a better understanding of the language. Understanding english and speaking with an American accent opened many doors, yet when I began teaching I became aware of some of my own deficiencies in grammar, planning and teaching. It has been frustrating to know something, but being unable to accurately communicate it to my students and this tefl course has given me some key tools to perfect my understanding and be able to verbalize and communicate the information to the students. The resources in lesson 17 have become a key part of my lesson planning and I will print several copies of the lesson template for the planning of future lessons. I will definitely invest more time in planning the engage step of the lessons and will have extra hand outs available for when the lessons flows faster than expected.