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S.W. – U.S.A. said:
One of the most helpful things I’ve taken from this course is the grammar work. Most native speakers, including myself, grow up just knowing how to speak english without ever studying how the language is made. Grammar was never properly taught during my schooling, but that is how foreigners learn the language. It will be helpful to be able to connect with students on that level and be able to field questions pertaining to specific grammar points. I also think that the organization of lessons into ESA format and its variations will be helpful as well. Students would benefit from having at least a little of each phase included in every class. I never was one for writing out lesson plans for every class; however I can see now where they’d be hugely helpful not just in planning a current class, but also as a record to look back on what was done in each class. Then, later on, I could look back and use the same activities and modify them for other classes or improve upon future classes with the same lesson. Finally, even with all the grammar knowledge and lesson planning in the world, a teacher is only as good as her/his relationship with the students. The most effective teacher will be the one who can motivate and connect with the students, and one who is open and adaptable to different situations and issues that might arise during a course.