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E.K. - Sri Lanka said:
When I started this course I was not sure how much I would enjoy doing an online-course or how much it would even serve me to learn tefl, but because it was not very expensive I decided to give it a try. And I was surprised! Looking back I must say I have gained a lot from this course. Not only has it been helpful to revise many aspects of the english grammar and language, but I have learnt a lot of different teaching skills and techniques. Besides I am thankful for the various materials and resources that have been made available to me. One of the best parts of the course was learning how to create lesson plans. I have learnt how to make classes more interesting and effective by setting clear learners’ objectives and personal goals, by using the ESA pattern and by adapting the given materials to the interest of my students. I really liked the relational approach of this course, stressing again and again how important it is to create a good atmosphere and good rapport between the students as well as between the students and the teacher. I am looking forward to use what I have learnt and to help children and youth in Sri Lanka to understand, read, write and especially speak english. I want to help them to build a good foundation for a purposeful life. The skill of communicating in a foreign language will definitely help them in their future.