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E.Y. - Israel said:
To begin with, the course took me longer than I thought it would take to complete, and I found myself really putting a lot of effort into completing all the worksheets. In this way I hope I will retain a lot of the information that was given out in the span of the course. I learned a lot about my own language, english. I realized that I never really learned english grammar properly, and it was actually interesting to learn the tenses and their forms. Now when I hear others speak english, I can on some levels identify the mistake and correct it with explanations (I do not live in an english speaking country, and I am often asked for help with spoken or written english). I can now appreciate the fact that to really know the english language well, a lot more study time is required. I feel that this course has given me a good base for teaching, not only english, but other topics as well. This is important as I am planning to work in third world countries as a nurse, and education is always a major factor. More than that, I am hoping that, as part of my work, I will be able to set up english classes to nurses, or medical professionals who want to improve their english in order to enable them to have more contact with the international medical world.

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