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L.C. - Germany said:
I have personally gained a lot from doing this course. Originally, when I decided to do the tefl/tesol training, I thought that it would be simply a series of grammar fill-in-the-blank exercises. After completing all of the grammar worksheets, I would know all the english grammar essentials as a basic prerequisite in order to work as an esl english teacher abroad. To my surprise the course was constructed completely different to what I had envisaged. There were completely unexpected courses about lesson planning, how to best use physical voice and presence in a classroom, classroom planning/layout, using visual aids, critiquing which teaching styles are better than others and why (unit 10), teaching receptive & listening skills and pronunciation. It has only been up until now where I have seen that there are so many different aspects of teaching english and a lot of the information and material would be easily transferrable to the broader context of teaching. At the end of the day, I really do believe that I could teach an english class because I understand how to manage and plan lessons, teaching environment, teaching skills and understanding my teaching audience. I guess in summary, this course not only about teaching english grammar skills but also about acquiring the skills necessary to teach, including class-time planning, classroom management and teaching skills.

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