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C.L. - Italy said:
This course reminded me something I had learnt at University, when I studied to become a language teacher, but I had either forgotten, or did not find the courage to put into practice, because it was too theoretical. I mean that then I was not given any example, nor was asked to fill in tasks which made me put into practice what I was reading. In my opinion this is one of the main shortcomings of the italian school system in general, which has been based on classical studies and a theoretical approach for centuries and finds it difficult to link theory and practical skills. Language teachers are the only exception in their approach, because they necessarily deal with a different methodology. However it is often rather frustrating being considered as a sort of “joker” or puzzling to hear one’s subject defined as “entertaining” if compared to other more “serious” and demanding subjects. I know that learning should be pleasant to be meaningful… but sometimes headmasters don’t and wonder why the english class has to be so noisy or unpredictable. Anyhow I intend to put into action what I’ve learnt and not lose heart in front of some colleagues looking down on my “unusual” (but international) methods.