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P.H. - Thailand said:
The course has given me an extended knowledge of the english grammatical system and also an awareness of the techniques and skills required to be a successful english language teacher. All of the 20 modules were well structured and organized in order to ensure the most effective learning process. Throughout the course, I have received an exceptionable language awareness in the english grammar. Furthermore, the teaching skill component contained all relevant aspects of the techniques and skills required for classroom teaching. The course structure gave me a great amount of flexibility to work at my own pace and therefore allowed me to complete the course while conducting my regular job. Personally, I was very satisfied with my tutor support who has helped me to build up a solid foundation of knowledge and was always available to ensure my learning progress. The online tesol certification course fulfilled all my expectations and I would like to proceed with the certificate in Teaching business english (CTBE). I am certain that this course will give me a specialization in a business teaching environment. Completing this curriculum has also helped me to acquire the necessary skills to help with my current career path. I am hoping to put the knowledge which I have gained from this course to further progress and work to become a business english instructor.

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