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A.L. - Korea said:
The course has been great! The tutor excellent! For several years, I have resisted signing up for this course, because I thought I knew it all. It turns out that this course has highlighted my weakness to a point that I will have to study deeper all aspects of teaching, grammar, etc. if I plan continue to teach english. I have learnt a tremendous amount through this course on “how to teach” and the direction and feedback from the tutor has been excellent. He really guided me and directed me and gave some great tips and suggestions on how to do better. Feedback is very important. He is very professional and thorough. I will be forever grateful for this course and I plan to utilize many of the units in my upcoming classes. My teaching perspective has changed and this course has motivated me to a higher level of thinking about developing myself professionally. I would recommend (ITTT tesol certification course to many of my friends and would encourage employers to hire employees who have completed this course. The course is professionally run, the content well delivered, and importantly, affordable. That being said, I am excited now that I can say “I completed the tesol certificate course!”