TEFL Daytona Beach Shores Florida

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have taken this course because I wish to teach overseas. Teaching overseas has been my dream ever since I graduated college or I can say a little earlier. I signed up for the Peace Corps, a few months before graduation. Three months before graduation, during student teaching timeframe, I broke my foot. They would not take me in the Peace Corps, everything needed to be healed for one year. I wish I had known about teaching overseas before moving to Florida. I would have been there twelve years ago and ready to move on to the next phase of my life. I want an adventure! I figure teaching overseas is the best avenue to see the world and make a difference in world. I have not taught in the classroom for over seven years. This is mostly because I was burnt out form the American system. A teaching friend once told me teaching overseas is the way to go. As she told me ”The students are more respectful, teaching is actually fun, the housing is free, and a great salary while seeing the world.” When I will see the world, I will be learning about a different culture. When being in a different country, with a totally different culture, I will use this tefl certificate to my advantage. This certificate can open new door for me, in the new world. Even though I have a teaching degree from Michigan, I have found out, that is not enough to teach overseas. Also, my english minor is not enough to teach overseas. This course is an english reminder for me. I actually forgot the correct useful terms in the english language. This course opened my eyes to see what the english language truly entails. The course is greatly structured for any classroom level of teaching. By the year 2012, I wish to teach overseas. Where ever the world takes me, I do not know. I have a great advantage with the world at my fingertips, the tefl course.