TEFL Easton Michigan

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

From this course I have gained knowledge of the different approaches to teaching languages. I have also learned what levels students can be grouped into based on their english language skills and how students of different ages have different needs and desires about their english language learning. Students of different ages and backgrounds have different motivations for learning english and there must be an approach adapted to the class to accommodate these differences. Classes must be kept interesting and relevant for the students. Lessons should be personalized to the students' needs and interests as often as possible. Varying the activities and types of activities is important and will have a great impact on keeping the students interested and developing all the skills they need to be successful in english. I have learned what teaching aids are available, how to make best use of them, and what disadvantages are may be associated with some. Creating a context for a lesson allows the material to be covered in a variety of ways and increases the chance that the material will be absorbed and retained by the students. Lesson plans are important as a guide and a reference. Materials used in lessons can be authentic or created and both are valuable. Authentic materials present the students with the opportunity to understand and learn from materials they would find outside of their lessons and give the students a sense of accomplishment. Created materials allow lower level students to be successful in their reading and listening. I have learned classroom management skills and the importance of setting the right tone for classes and effective methods for avoiding situations where discipline issues arise. I have also learned strategies for discipline should problems arise. Reasons for why these problems arise are helpful in determining appropriate responses. Evaluation is an important aspect of the process. Students evaluating the course and the teacher allow the teacher to grow and adapt to student needs. An evaluation by the teacher gives students the opportunity to understand what progress they have made and what areas they need to continue to work on. Evaluations are also useful, or necessary, for the records of institutions. I have learned that there is a lot to learn in order to be an effective teacher as well as someone one who is enjoyable to learn with. Teaching english is a demanding job with the possibility for much reward.