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L.B. - Japan said:
Initially, I decided to take this course because my friend wanted to do it and there was a special of a bonus course attached to it. My academic and professional work experience has always been centered around marketing with special emphasis on Advertising. Less than a year ago, I decided to take a break from that and tried teaching my native language to japanese students as well as do a bit of travelling. I thought to myself how hard could it possibly be after all I’ve been speaking english all my life and I’m good with children. Since I’ve started this course a couple months ago I can honestly say I’ve learnt a wealth of knowledge. Also, there is definitely a difference between speaking and correctly teaching the english language. There are areas in this course that acted as a refresher as many of the grammar structure taught I had gone though years ago and have not been actively practicing. Also I believe that as a native english speaker we might be able to express a sentence correctly but the difficulty come into play when we have to explain to non-speakers the reason why it’s this way and not another way in english. I’m now so happy to have completed this course as the knowledge I’ve garnered from it far outweighs its monetary value. I think it’s a well-rounded course that covers so many vital topics to understanding and correctly using the english Language. It has made me more confident in the classroom. It has introduced me to numerous sites for teaching aids to engage and motivate my students. I can honestly say that the first lesson plan I’ve ever written was in the course. I’ve learnt the importance of recognizing the level students are at in structuring my lesson plans. The importance your attitude in the classroom has on your student (the tape in unit 10) as well as the importance of offering encouragement to your student. Overall this course has made me a better teacher and this certificate will make me more marketable to teach english to foreign speakers. Special thanks to my tutor who has been most professional and helpful with his prompt emails and advice. In conclusion, I would recommend this course to anyone. I would also tell them that it is not a simple course as many might think as some areas are quite challenging but it is definitely worth it.