TEFL Georgia

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

M.L. - France said:
Being a native english speaker I learned greatly from the english language that was being taught. It has been many years since I stepped foot in and english class and may of the grammatical concepts were long forgotten. I felt it quite challenging and refreshing to review all of these concepts again. I found the course to be well balanced between the grammar usage and the teaching concepts. The information given and learned in this area is essential for me, as a beginning teacher and I will continue to refer back to some of the concepts used in this course, as I further my career. It gave me a solid foundation from which to expand and or build my skills on. As for what my plans are for using what I have learned. I am an American living in france, and I am constantly being asked to teach english to small groups or tutor individuals with their english. Having this certificate allows me to have credibility behind what I am going to teach, not just telling people that I speak english. It also gives me a foundation to use when teaching