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W. S. - Korea said:
From the outside teaching may seem like an easy profession. Anyone who claims this has more than likely never spent any time in a classroom as a teacher. In the classroom it is necessary for the teacher to develop many skills that go far beyond the ability to convey information. These skills find themselves in many different categories. This paper will focus on two of the most important categories. The first category is centered on the many different roles that a teacher must play in the classroom. The second category revolves around classroom management techniques. These categories all hold essential skills necessary for every teacher to learn. Every teacher must play several different roles during every class. These roles vary by the class and often times the roles will conflict with each other during the course of the same class. Out of all the roles the most essential is learning to be the authority figure. This is a role that a teacher must master. Not only must the teacher master this role, they must be completely comfortable in it. A teacher must be comfortable being in charge of students and must understand how to use this role effectively. Without an authority figure classrooms will quickly descend into chaos. Another role that a teacher must be comfortable using is the role of motivator. Regardless of level or age, a well motivated class is more likely to enjoy the lesson and experience real learning. Moreover, when teaching younger students they are often required to be present in the classroom by either their parents or the local government. Without motivation these students and classes will quickly fall apart because of apathy. Beyond those two roles, teachers must wear several other hats. teachers will often times serve as mentors and role models for some of their students. If teaching efl in a foreign country the teacher is often times the first foreigner these students have had the chance to get to know. In this situation the impression that an efl teacher makes is exceptionally important. A good teacher will inspire students to further study, whereas a teacher who is not comfortable in this role may cause the student to give up english. Finally, teachers must be comfortable in the role of counselor. Students will often come to their teacher with personal problems. teachers must be able to sort through these problems and help their students when necessary. All of these roles are essential for a teacher to learn, and often times are only learned through time spent inside the classroom. The second category is classroom management skills. These skills are perhaps the most practical skills a teacher must learn to survive teaching. A well managed classroom runs well and places the students in the best possible position for success. There are countless different methods of classroom management. In general the method that is the most successful is the method that best matches the teachers and the class’s personality. However, regardless of personality there are a few simple skills in classroom management that every teacher must perfect. The first is effective discipline. Discipline is not about punishing bad behavior, but preventing it in the first place. Effective classroom discipline consists of stated expectations and clear consequences when those expectations are not achieved. The students must not only be aware of the expectations, but they must be aware of the consequences as well. Moreover, it is essential that these consequences are applied fairly. Another essential classroom management skill is how the classroom is organized. The seating arrangement, and where the students are seated are important. Perhaps one of the best tools a teacher can use is a seating chart. These charts help transition the students from their other classes to english class. A seating chart also helps the teacher learn names and establish quick control of a class. Finally, seating charts help place students in the best possible situation for success. Some students need direct supervision to study, while other need far less. By placing students where they can succeed a teacher can ensure their class runs smoothly and effeciently. Teaching is not an easy profession. However, with the acquisition of essential teaching skills the job can become much easier. These skills often times revolve around classroom management and the different roles that a teacher must play while in the classroom. By focusing on these two essential categories teachers can help ensure success in the classroom not only for themselves, but for their students. This is the essential goal, success for everyone in the classroom.