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How teachers Can Increase Their Confidence in The Classroom – 8 Deciding on what specific article to write about left me in a quandary for a moment since there were a wide variety of topics to choose from the examples that were given in the course material. Then the subject of self-confidence arose my interest because it is an area where I feel the need to build on ultimately, if I were to pursue a teaching career. It is also needed in some occasions in life where speaking before a group would require me to do so. Before embarking on the tefl online course, I had always wanted to take english courses which would help me improve my way of speaking. I admire watching good speakers deliver their talks with much spontaneity and fluency that leaves the audience captivated with their eloquent speeches. I believe that competency in teaching skills will definitely help me in terms of gaining self-confidence in public speaking. And the more you develop your teaching ability, the more confident you will become in your teaching profession. As I discovered in this course, teacher development is not just about language or teaching per se. It's also about language development, counselling skills, assertiveness training, confidence-building, or almost anything. In one article I read, I've gathered the following ways in which teachers can develop confidence: The subject matter – teachers should aim to develop their knowledge in the subject matter by reading about teaching and learning, attending seminars and workshops, etc. The students – The more the teachers know their students, the more effective their teaching will be. teachers should also show real interest in them. In addition, the teacher should aim at improving their ability to put all this knowledge into practice. They should also try different methods, techniques, and activities again and again, and make the necessary changes to their teaching habits. teachers can develop more by increasing their self-awareness by doing the following: make audio or video recordings of their lessons and watch, analyze , and review the recordings afterwards; or observe other teachers teach and learn pointers from them. In another article written by James Eison, entitled: “Confidence in the Classroom”, He gave them ten maxims for new teachers to follow: To Feel Confident, Act Confident ‘Easier said than done', the doubtful reader might say, but I think this is true based on my own experience. One well-established finding in psychology is that ‘Actions give rise to feelings'. Examine Why You Want to Teach I believe that teaching leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, teaching is not only intellectually motivated, but also emotionally and physically demanding. You have to invest a great deal of time teaching and ask yourself this question: “Why do I want to teach?” Without a compelling answer to this question will lead to burnout and exhaustion. Learn the Characteristics Associated with Effective Teaching. Most faculty members can recall the positive impacts that at least one teacher has done in their lives. A good relationship with a former professor had led some teachers to become effective in their teaching professions. It is therefore the positive emotional impact a teacher can do for the benefit of her students. Enter Each Class with Specific Educational Goals and Objectives A key to confident teaching is effective planning, and we begin this by setting clear goals and objectives.Teach Less, Better Albert Einstein once said: “Education is what remains when one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” Your efforts to make sure what is taught is taught effectively will be rewarded through long term retention. Use Active Learning Strategies Regularly Active learning provides students with a chance to do different things such as: completing writing activities, going on field-trips, games, role-playing activities, etc. Don't be a Perfectionist Anything in excess is not good. Being overly attentive to details, or obsessed over perfection and indecision ruins a teacher's self-confidence. Eddie Cantor, the great showman, said that it took him' 20 years to become an overnight success'. Be Relaxed About Admitting It When You Don't Know Something Ask for response from students and colleagues. It is wise to seek feedback from both students and colleagues. Remember that Enthusiasm and Energy Can Carry the Day As Mckeachie (1974) has noted, “probably no one thing is more important in education than the teacher's enthusiasm and energy.” In conclusion, a positive mental attitude and the willingness to improve one's teaching ability with flexibility will help increase both skill & self-confidence in teaching in the classroom setting.