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It's like cooking. You can cook your basic dishes all your life and yes, people will eat. You may even learn how to prepare a lot of dishes. But until you take a genuine cooking course you don't become a professional with that distinct style and finesse that allows you entry into the finest kitchens of the world. Another comparison is driving a car. You don't need a driver's license to be able to move and drive a car. You may even know all the traffic laws and safety rules and be able to drive safely. But until you actually get a license, you will not be legally qualified to access the highways of the world. A tefl course prepares the teacher to enter a classroom and provide a program that will actually teach students in an effective manner. It provides a foundation that covers all the areas that are often overlooked and many times unknown by untrained ‘teachers'. They are real courses that require hard work and study to pass them. But having done so, one will be truly prepared and feel confident that he can provide a service that will meet other's expectations in a professional manner. In researching the requirements that employers abroad look for when seeking out english teachers I found that, although governments require a college degree of some sort before they issue a ‘teaching' visa. Most employers are much more concerned that applicants possess a tefl certificate of some kind. Because they know that they will at least get a decent teacher. So a tefl certificate is the standard to teaching english nowadays. For your employer's sake. Acquiring a tefl certificate automatically tells others that you are qualified to teach without needing any other documentation. The best employers require tefl training that includes at least 100 hours of training. For your student's sake. Your students will be getting taught in the best possible way by a trained professional that will actually know how to carry out the goals of his students in an effective manner. For your sake. It is estimated that 89% of tefl graduates are employed as english teachers within 30 days of graduating. Here are further reasons for acquiring a tefl certificate. They provide a foundation in tefl teaching, giving the candidate teacher training in proven classroom techniques for teaching efl overseas. They provide insight and solutions into many different scenarios that are not always obvious to most teachers. They share tried and proven techniques, knowledge, viewpoints, and experience from a pool of professionals in the field that enrich the prospective candidate in ways that he could never attain to on his own. The tefl courses are open to all. One does not require a College degree to take it. One big plus, at least in this case was that I was able to take the course on my own time. And I had the added bonus of having a tutor that provided the help and guidance and instruction that I needed. Having said all that, I want to thank you Tania, for being willing to help me. I really appreciate it.