TEFL Hartford Wisconsin

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

This course has been absolutely terrific, challenging certainly, but terrific! I have not personally learnt a second language before, and have always felt that I was at a disadvantage in my literacy skills because of it. This course has been my chance to intensely explore a language and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I think the self-paced learning is a definite advantage of the course and the support of on-line tutors is invaluable! I do not think that I would have enjoyed the course as much if I was trying to complete this course on my own – it was nice to know that I could ask questions and get immediate responses about the course content. The knowledge and expertise of the tutors is evident! Prior to this course, I never caught myself in the moment thinking, ‘that sentence that I just said was in the present continuous tense!' I have a couple of ideas or ‘action plans' for my tefl qualifications. The first and prioritized scenario is for me to apply for and gain a tefl position in Europe. I had the pleasure of living and working overseas several years ago and it is my dearest wish to be able to do so again – still so much to see and do! Having a permanent position in a foreign country allows you the luxury of being able to spend time really getting to know a place, as opposed to having a flying, itinerary-based, visit. I do have Europe, especially the UK, as my destination of choice but after having a couple of holidays there, I wouldn't say no to a position in Hawaii! The second option I have been considering is to look and apply for online positions, allowing me to work from anywhere. The advancements in online learning in all spectrums of education, including tefl studies, are amazing. In addition to the job opportunities in online teaching and tutoring, I could also look into the possibility of designing and implementing online resources for tefl students. With tefl qualifications the world is my oyster!