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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I would like to categorize what I have learned into three parts. 4) My tutor has been an exceptional living example of how I want to come across as a teacher. Overall caring and encouraging without ever letting mistakes pass. His attitude has made me really ambitious to do my best. If I can achieve a similar effect with my students I've achieved my goals. From him I've learned how to correct a student without pampering her/him but rather convey a sense of empowerment. This has made a rather demanding course with lots of personal insecurities truly enjoyable. 5) Conscientious lesson planning and putting the plan into practice has made me aware that what I thought was slow progressing is actually much too fast for my students. I need at least three lessons for what I originally thought could be taught in one to truly anchor a language concept. It has made me as well research material and experiences of other teachers on the internet to see how I can make my classes more enjoyable and fun while at the same time passing on essential information. 6) The way the course structures grammar has given me excellent reference material with lots of details I either wasn't aware of or which I couldn't have explained correctly when asked. Having said all that there remains one open personal question; I have been unable to convey my enthusiasm to other teachers in my schools. They love to copy my material but they don't actually want to learn nor understand nor make a personal effort. In their set of mind teaching is like following a cooking recipe. You take …..mix it together…..leave it in the oven for x amount of time……out comes a perfect english speaker. In the meanwhile my classes know a lot more than their regular teachers. I'm convinced that teaching in a non western environment is what most tefl teachers do. Maybe this subject could be dealt with in one way or the other in a future course.