TEFL Jeddah

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

P.J. – U.S. said:
Most importantly I gained a strong working knowledge of how english works structurally and the techniques to pass it on to those who will use it as a second language. A key element in teaching the L2 involves getting the most of a class by creating reusable lesson plans with clear objectives and the means to reach them, i.e. logical learning progressions that are workable within a designated period of time. Planning also forces the instructor to foresee potential problems and generate solutions that will reverse these situations before they become actual problems, or have corrective measures ready to apply. This sort of troubleshooting adds confidence to the teaching environment, giving the instructor more energy to focus on teaching goals. Taking the time to plan places the instructor in a position to view time differently, in distinct blocks, allowing them to accomplish predetermined objectives with a higher rate of efficiency since time parameters will have been studied closely prior to implementation. As well, with repeated exposure, L2 learners adjust how they learn because they begin to realize the instructor has definite expectations in terms of what needs to be produced within a set frame of time. This structure increases their capacity to learn and is likely to accelerate fluency attainment, due, in part, to the pressures of time coupled with class expectations. Grammar application exercises were extremely useful in testing my working knowledge and gave me the opportunity to create applicable activities to test students’ ability in class using the taught structures. Having a strong lesson collection that should be reviewed on occasions allows the instructor to plan lessons quickly and with more precision, making the overall teaching process easier. I will continue to review more complicated aspects of the language, adding to my teaching repertoire, and create lessons relevant to my academic situation using the format I was taught and information gained from studying more technical aspects of the language.