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Z.F. - United Kingdom said:
What is tefl? First of all tefl refers to teaching english to students whose first language is not english. tefl usually occurs in the student`s own country, either within a state school or privately etc. tefl teachers may be native or non-native speakers of english. So why tefl? There are number of reasons why native and non- native english speakers undertake tefl courses: some people want to experience new cultures, and get in some travelling for an extended period, some of them just want to do something different in life. The opportunities are endless. Careers in tefl are common. Many teachers start out in tefl as entry-level teachers in small schools around the world, some will stay a few years before going home and moving into a different field, but others will move on in tefl. It is common assumption that tefl is a stop-gap job, but this is simply not the case and there are many examples of teachers who have had lifelong careers in this industry. Although reliable statistics are hard to come by, perhaps the majority of new tefl teachers begin work overseas working in places like china South-Korea or southern Europe. According to `Teach english Overseas `by Jean-Marc Hachey , over one billion people in the world want to learn english. With numbers like that, it is obvious that if a person is willing to commit to completing the tefl course, and search for the job they want, there are jobs to be had. What tefl has given to me? tefl allowed me to understand the different aspects of the english language. This course is constructed of units which cover all aspects of teaching such as classroom management, lesson planning, teaching methods, multiple tenses etc. In my opinion everything a teacher needs to know is contained in the course and any further information can be received from the online tutors. Unit worksheets are checked in the minimum amount of time and the following unit has been sent promptly. Feedback has been very detailed and helpful for my further progress. This course has taken me step- by-step through potential problems specific to an efl class, and given me advice on how to deal with those issues. For instance, I would have been clueless on how to write a lesson plan or how to use my materials, teaching aids etc. Thanks to the course, now I have a clearer understanding on how I would manage things effectively in a classroom. Reviewing verb tenses and other grammar was also highly beneficial for me. The course also introduced me many teaching techniques and strategies that I would be able to use in the classroom setting. I believe that I would be able to employ these methods when dealing with students in different kind of settings. Probably I will be quite nervous about entering a classroom for the first time, but I believe, soon I would overcome my` fear.` Overall, I would definitely recommend a tefl course to anyone who has a desire to pursue this career anytime in the future. References: - Wikipedia - Teach english overseas- The big guide to living and working overseas: Jean-Marc Hachey Why complete tefl course? (8)