TEFL Kenockee Michigan

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I dream of travelling the world and teaching english. This however, is not enough to teach competently in a classroom environment. Completing a tefl course is essential to doing so. A tefl course will give you the qualification you need to do this. It will give you the skills and confidence you need to teach english as a foreign language. It will also give you the opportunity to live and work abroad for as long as you wish, immersing yourself in a foreign culture in a way that would not be possible for a backpacker/tourist. Completing a tefl course and teaching overseas will give you the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in that country. Knowing one's subject (and being able to transfer this knowledge onto others) is very important in any classroom. Imagine going into an efl classroom without any prior training or lesson planning. This would merely be setting oneself up for the kill. Students are very astute and will soon recognise if a teacher does not have a confident grasp of his/her subject. Completing a tefl course will help you to increase language awareness and show you the skills required for good classroom management. A tefl course will not only teach you about the various roles of the teacher (organiser, manager, prompter, assessor, model…etc), but how and when to adopt (and combine) these various personas. A tefl course will give you insights into structuring a well-balanced lesson plan, using such methods as ESA (Engage/Study/Activate), as well as boomerang and patchwork methods. Without effective lesson planning, lessons lack any real structure and goals, plus the students will quickly become disengaged. A tefl course will show you how to engage and motivate the students and have them participate within all phases of the lesson. Completing a tefl course will also show you how to use authentic and created materials in the classroom, as well as giving you the knowledge on how to effectively use classroom equipment such as OHP/video/DVD/dictionaries/coursebooks/whiteboard…etc. A tefl course will also help you identify any potential problems that you may face in the classroom and give you practical advice on how to deal with them. This includes such potential problems as disruptive behaviour and discipline in the classroom. They provide invaluable advice on how to deal with such issues as attention seeking, peer pressure and boredom. Without this information, life as a teacher would be so much more difficult. I believe that one of the greatest challenges that native english speakers face is the understanding of english grammar and the ability to explain its rules. Undertaking a tefl course offers a deeper understanding of english grammar, as well as the skills needed to transfer this knowledge onto others. On the whole, a tefl course provides a good, solid foundation for the new teacher to build upon, giving them the knowledge and the skills required to teach english as a foreign language overseas. They provide invaluable knowledge, information and advice for the budding teacher.