TEFL Kentwood Louisiana

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have been fortunate enough to have had many significant role models in my life. From family members, to bosses, to historical figures, these individuals have impacted me in some special way, guiding me along a path of self-discovery. The people you meet and those who teach you have the ability to shape the being you are today. Every interaction, every influence has some effect. This is why I believe the role of the teacher to be the most sacred and special of them all. A teacher doesn't just fill minds with facts and findings, rather a teacher is the light that can ignite a series of creative surges and instigate potential passions in his/her student. A teacher can give his/her students a new perspective while infusing them with the gift of curiosity. The role of the teacher is dynamic and ever-evolving, one that is traditional, one that is inspirational, and one that is evolving. In the traditional sense, the role of the teacher is to teach. At the end of the day, students need to learn the designated material and fully comprehend concepts in order to progress. It is the teacher's duty to provide the framework and structure for students, allowing them to stretch while not letting them get overwhelmed and confused. They need to be disciplined in learning the material, and often times, a teacher provides that needed push. Aside from being an instructor, a teacher should also be a role model and someone that is an inspirational being in a student's life. I have had only a couple teachers who have been real inspirations in my life, but the ones who have resonated, have truly dictated the course of my future. These teachers have brought the world into the classroom and made me want to go out and achieve my goals. These teachers are incredibly supportive and are serious confidence boosters. Seeing a student's potential and helping them realize that potential is what I aim to do as a teacher. Even just getting to know them and attempting to understand their story is extremely important and shows students that a teacher actually cares for them. “A study at Texas A&M University, confirms the effect of a pattern of supportive teacher-student relationships over the elementary years equals profound academic success in later years.” Lastly, a teacher should see his or her role as not just a teacher, but also as a student. Someone who can learn from his or her students and apply that learning to his or her own life is going to go far. Often times, teachers are constantly preaching at students and telling them what to learn and what information to digest. However, the teachers role should also be to listen and to hear what his/her students have to say. In that sense, the teacher will be able be a more effective instructor and focus more on problem areas, but the teacher will also learn more about the learning process and his or her own students. Students can teach more than you think. In closing, the role of the teacher is forever special. It is a privilege to be a teacher and I hope to influence my students positively. As Cesar Chavez says, “The end of all education should surely be service to others.” I hope that students leave my classroom wanting to better the world…while also learning english.