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Motivating students is a subject that can be used in all areas of teachings. Any classroom can use this topic it does not narrow down to one specific type of studies. There is never a perfect classroom. In every situation there is always room for improvement. To get students interested about the class that can help motivate them. Bringing the class to life and showing how it really affects each individual personally. Start off with questions about each topic that really gets the students thinking. Keep in mind every time when making a lesson plan on why the student “needs to know this material.” Also getting the students prepared for class and doing their homework is a way to get the students motivated. Obviously not all the work is going to be fun but as long is there is a balance to get the students excited for the next activity is a good goal. It is good to keep the students accountable in class and when they are doing their exercises. When they have a reading assignment make sure they have some questions to follow up to help them understand what they are reading. When they understand and are learning then they get more motivated in class to want to learn more. But when students are not learning it makes them discouraged. Also when students get along with other students and are positive about what they are learning that helps them have a mindset to want to learn. There are situations when students to get along with one another and then they don't want to show up to class and participate. When the teacher can make some activities to make it more of a competition and they get a prize for participating then the students will want to answer questions. Also having role plays and the students acting out situations, dialogues and dramas because it gives them a chance to act like someone else and not be themselves. A really good way to motivate students is find out what interest them. Even as individuals when meeting one on one with a student its good to find out what they like to do and what hobbies interest them. Then with activates this can be included. Communicate with the class and ask them what they think about certain topics and what is a topic they would like to learn more about. Because sometimes when they are involved in the decision making then they will be more involved in the activities. But there also has to be a balance so they don't think they control the class and what is going to be taught because then when a subject comes up they don't want to learn about they are just going to check out of class. Applying lessons to life really motive the students to learn about it. Also some students are motivated when they know that someone is expecting them to do well. It can either be parents, teachers, peers or just a friend that believes in them. Motivation needs to come deep from the heart but that is why it needs to be taken out and searched for by the student and the teacher.