TEFL Laird Michigan

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have learned many things about english grammar that I may have learned many years ago but do not remember and I have learned that there is a lot more to learn. The information has given me insight into what an english student is up against and what they will need to learn to communicate at a basic level and how much they can learn if they want to. I have also learned many ideas on how to plan lessons and manage a class. The lesson plan structure used throughout the Units was very good and it helped me organize my thoughts and set up a clear plan that would not only make teaching easier for myself and the students but could also be used by another teacher. As I got to the last few lesson plans, they became easier for me to prepare. Good lesson plans and logical well thought out lessons not only show that the teacher is professional and knowledgeable; it shows respect for the students and their time. I realized that it will take time to learn what works and what doesn't in a class and what works in one may not work in another. I learned that I would have to be flexible. I learned some ‘hints' to fill in time if necessary or to fall back on if the students need a break – the use of games, visuals and magazines are all interesting distractions that can also be used as learning tools. I learned that repetition and practice in language classes are two of the fundamental things necessary for students in order for them to learn another language. There are so many things to be aware of and look for in a classroom - size, seating, equipment available, etc. All of these things will affect how the lesson can be presented. Class numbers and class diversity are two additional issu.s.that I learned would affect lesson plans and class set up. The cou.s. taught me some alternatives, solutions or ways around difficult set-u.s.or situations, for example, in a classroom if the seats are in rows and can be moved, move them to make semi-circles or circles. There were lots of hints offered on what to do with board work, visuals and games to use in Engage activities and games and exercises that can be used in the Study and Activate Phases. I learned some proactive behaviors' that can help avoid discipline problems in a class and what to do if that doesn't work. I have realized too that a good plan for me now would be to observe a teacher for a period of time, someone that teaches business english would be preferable but if that's not possible, any teacher of esl. I have been looking into the possibility of moving to Central America in the next few years and I would like to teach english to residents that work with tourists or want to work in an english speaking environment. I have seen firsthand how important tourist income is to the residents of these areas and I know from being a tourist myself that it is reassuring to find someone that speaks your language. Tourists will continue to return to a place they feel welcome and safe in and they will recommend these areas to acquaintances. I am particularly interested in teaching business english, developing countries are opening up to business with developed countries and their workers will need to learn english. Also, I have seen firsthand (I worked in a corporate environment for 25 years) how employers fail to train their employees adequately, if training is offered at all, therefore failing to provide their employees what they need to do their jobs competently and effectively. I know that there are a lot of companies in Central America now, in addition to anyone already working in the tourism field, which will need their employees to learn english in the coming years. I will have to take a cou.s. next on how to sell myself as a teacher of english or business english. I have enjoyed the cou.s. immensely and I look forward to completing the business english segment.