TEFL Lawrence New Mexico

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

This course has taught me a lot of things which a teacher of english should actually know. The grammar chapters have helped me a lot. The grammar chapters not only gave me the knowledge about the basic aspects of grammar, but also helped me know the fine differences of certain basic concepts. However, I must say, this course helped me realize that teaching requires a lot of dedication and sincerity. Just theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. The success of a teacher is judged by the accomplishments of the students. This course helped me learn how to teach various levels of students. With beginners, I should have a simple lesson plan whereas with advanced learners, my lesson plan has to be a bit complex. This course also taught me class management. Class management cannot be done by a fixed rule. Every teacher has to study the students and manage the class accordingly. Sometimes, managing a class of adult learners can be more challenging than managing a class of young learners. Dealing with a monolingual class can be tougher than dealing with a multilingual class. However, one great thing, I learnt from this course is lesson planning. This particular aspect of the course helped me know and realize that lesson planning is one of the greatest tools of a successful teacher. Perfect lesson planning can bear fruits whereas wrong lesson planning can do more harm than good. As a teacher, I will try and follow all the lessons I learnt throughout the course. I will make sure; I will make my lesson plans carefully with thorough concentration before going to the class. I will keep my teaching aids ready. I will be punctual and polite. I will make sure I acquire enough knowledge about the particular topic before I go to the class. I will try and make the class lively. I will make sure there is participation from the students. I will always keep a warm smile on my face. However, I will be firm when it comes to discipline. I will try and clarify all the doubts of students.In short, I believe , with the help of this course and my innate love for the profession of teaching , I will become a successful teacher.