TEFL Leeds Utah

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

There are so many things that come to mind when I think about what I have personally gained from this course. First of all, I now believe in myself enough to stand in front of a class to teach and feel comfortable doing so. I have the confidence I need to positively and accurately teach english as a second language. I know that there is always work to be done but I believe I have a strong foundation of knowledge that I can use to apply when preparing and teaching lessons. Growing up in a culture that speaks english as their native language I have always been able to have an understanding of the english language however I have lacked the ability to explain the question “why”. Prior to taking this course I often knew what I was saying and was able to respond to questions and carry on conversation using proper english but if I had been asked to explain why I said something the way I did I would not have been able to give any sort of answer let alone a detailed one. For example, if I were to be asked why I conjugated a verb a certain way I would not have explained that there are multiple subcategories to the present, past and future tenses such as present simple, present continuous, present perfect or present perfect continuous. Now however I have the ability to do so! I now feel as though I am able to not only produce the english language but also explain it and teach it to students who have little to no experience with it. I actually feel like I am a teacher. By taking this course I have alleviated much of my anxiety that surrounds standing up in front of a group of students and building their foundation of a new language. I feel as though I have learned the fundamentals and can now accurately pass on my knowledge in an organized and effective manner. From this point forward I plan on implementing the knowledge I have acquired to my teaching position in Busan, South Korea. I have successfully been placed at a Hagwan teaching elementary and middle school children. I feel as though I can be a knowledgeable and helpful teacher in the classroom. I also feel as though I can take this information forward and apply it to future positions whether it is in a future career teaching (if I go that route) or if I continue in my field of study (Marketing Management). Having these fundamentals also makes me feel as though there are new possibilities such as a job in my field and teaching english as a second language or something along those lines. The abundance of information I have learned through this course will also most likely come in handy at times that seem unrelated. I will also now feel more comfortable with my ability to share information and answer questions that may arise anywhere in my life.