TEFL Lincolnshire Kentucky

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

As I end this cou.s., and reflect upon what I've learned, I feel a sense of accomplishment. It was a struggle at times and I got frustrated, so I am able to empathize more with students who are learning english. I discovered that english – to put it crudely, is a bloody difficult language to learn! The grammar units have given me the insight and materials I needed to be able to explain why the language is spoken or written a certain way. Before, I would respond to the student's I was tutoring, with “because that's the way it is!” when they would ask me those tough questions. It made me doubt myself as a teacher and now I feel that I at least have to tools to feel credible! The lesson plans have also been helpful. As a regular classroom teacher (Elementary school in the u.s.A), I no longer write up daily plans. However, when I was first starting out I made plans that I could follow, just in case anything happened! tesol / tefl plans have made me look at lesson planning for non-native speakers with a new lens. It definitely helps to chart everything out. As to where I will go from here….who knows. As much as I would like to go to a foreign country to teach again, I don't think my husband would appreciate that! I hope continue to keep tutoring part-time as well as continuing to explore and learn more about esl.