TEFL Lone Elm Kansas

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have learnt so much from this course-more than I thought I would! Initially, I wanted to take this course to brush up on my grammar skills, but I gained so much more! I feel a lot more confident teaching grammar, especially the present and past tenses. In terms of evaluating students, I have gained several ways to assess them. I also gained a plethora of resources from dictionaries to online games that I am very excited to try out! Prior to the course, I had no knowledge of how to teach business english, but now I feel that I have information that can benefit myself and any potential clients. Overall, this course was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. I spent the past few months focused on this course and put a lot of effort and determination into thoroughly understanding each unit. I personally gained a great amount of self satisfaction in completing the end of this course. In a few weeks, I will move to japan to teach english. I am very excited for this adventure and plan on taking everything I learnt over the past twenty units into my new classroom, especially what I learned about correcting students work. Usually, if students make an error, I am quick to help them, but I learned that should be my last resort. First, I should see if the student can correct their own work, if not, have other students correct their classmate's work. Finally, I should only correct if it's necessary and the class hasn't realized the mistake. Going to a new country to teach is exciting but also challenging. By completing this course, I am feeling a lot more confident and knowledgeable about my teaching skills and being a teacher.