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The motivation of students to learn english will play a large part in how successful their learning experience is. Students who are motivated to learn english will be more applied in class, will contribute more and will make a greater effort to learn and use more language outside of the classroom. Not all students will have problems with motivation and the fact that students are attending an english course can sometimes demonstrate a motivation to learn the language. Even if students have not chosen to study english, a desire to achieve good grades and be academically successful may also serve as strong motivating factors. Some learners, especially younger children, may also possess an innate curiosity which will drive them to try to discover more about a new language. Other students, who are learning for a particular purpose, such as for travel or career prospects, will also have an extra reason for being motivated. In spite of these reasons for students to be motivated, the fact remains that the majority of learners of english will be school students who are being forced to learn the language. These students will usually be far less eager to learn and the teacher will have to make extra efforts to engage these students in the lessons. The most obvious way to motivate students is to ensure that the material in the course will interest them. The teacher must ensure that at the start of the course that they find out as much about the students as possible, including their particular interests in areas such as sports and pop culture. Variety throughout the course is also key to maintaining the motivation of the students, as even students who are eager at the start of the course can become de-motivated if the material is bland and repetitive. Getting students interested in the cultural and social aspects of english speaking countries is key to their motivation to study english. If students are interested in watching films and listening music in english, or want to visit english speaking countries and communicate with native speakers then they will be more motivated to discover new language and develop their fluency. The teacher must also pay close attention to the nature of the activities the students are completing. Again, variation is a key part of ensuring that students are engaged in the lessons and remain motivated throughout the course. To this end, the teacher can use a wide variety of games and other activities that will entertain as well as educate the students. There is, however, a fine line between making the lessons more entertaining and detracting from the educational benefits of the lesson; if the students feel that the lessons are not worthwhile then this can also serve to de-motivate them. The communicative aspect of language can help enormously in increasing the students' motivation. Activities that involve students working in pairs and groups will increase their interaction which, as well as having educational benefits, will also serve to make the lessons more engaging for them. If the teacher can include purpose-driven communication activities, this can also have a benefit for the students. If there is a need or desire for the students to communicate information then they are more likely to respond well to the task. The way that the teacher interacts with the students will play a large part in their attitudes towards learning. One simple factor that can have a large effect is the demeanour of the teacher in the classroom. If the teacher seems disinterested in what is being taught, then this is clearly going to affect the students' view of the lesson. If, on the other hand the teacher is enthusiastic about teaching the students new language then this can help them to feel the same way. The teacher must ensure that the material studied is the right level for the students, so that it challenges them without being too difficult to understand, and the teacher can make an extra effort to praise students when they contribute in class and avoid over-correction of small mistakes. Students who are confident about using english are more likely to be motivated throughout the language learning process.