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english is commonly called ‘the language of communication'. Approximately 375 million people speak english as their first language, and over a billion people speak english on at least a basic level. english is the third most common native language in the world after chinese Mandarin and spanish. english is used in government, law courts, media, science, business, aviation and the educational system around the world. It is written on signs and advertisements, in airports, and hotel staff worldwide will understand english and have english menus. However, english is not an official language for every country. A language can only be given ‘global' status if it is taken up by other countries around the world, not if it has a native speaking country majority. A global language acts as a ‘lingua franca' a common language that enables people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities to communicate on a reasonable basis. english has a special status in over seventy countries worldwide. It is one of six official languages of the United Nations. english is required in a number of professions, such as medicine and computing. If you don't know english you are in danger of being excluded, especially with technological advances. Language has no independent existence of its own; its power depends on those who speak it. A particular language only dominates when its speakers dominate, especially in political and military power. American economic and cultural supremacy in music, film and television, business and finance, computing, information technology and the internet, drugs and pornography has consolidated the position of the english language. America's influence makes english crucially important for developing international markets. Translation once played a major part in human interaction. When international monarchs or ambassadors met, there would always interpreters present. Nowadays, a common global language is available, so there is less reliance on individuals to ensure communication between different groups. These days a global language is needed, particularly by the international academic and business communities. A conversation over the internet between academics of Sweden, italy and india is only practicable if a common language is available. The accessibility of technology and modern communication provides the need for a global language to grow. There are three types of english speakers – those who learnt it as a first language, those who learnt it as a second language, and those who learnt it as a foreign language. 85 percent of all written material in the world is written in english. It is the language most commonly taught as a foreign language. It has a simplicity and flexibility allowing it to be learnt quickly. It has only 26 characters and no special symbols. It has easy plurals, doesn't use gender roles and has clear grammatical rules. It has taken on words from many other languages, such as greek, Latin, french and German, giving great diversity. english is the nearest thing to a global language. Is worldwide status is much greater than any other language has historically achieved, including Latin and french. english is readily available to learn, as a first, second or foreign language. In many educational systems throughout the world, it is now compulsory for children to learn english to an advanced level. There are many english language schools and classes which facilitate the learning of english for adults, who may or may not have been given the opportunity to learn at an earlier age. With the help of technology and communications, english is rapidly becoming the global language of the future.