TEFL Meadowbrook Delaware

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

It has given me an insight into what tefl is like in terms of training requirements. I train business professionals for a living so am reasonably confident in delivery but have never been exposed to teaching languages_x005F It has given me a great structure to developing and delivering a program. It steps out the basics to follow so I feel more confident in how I approach lessons. I love the use of lots of activities and games and will make sure that I include lots of these to keep my classes fresh and stimulating_x005F I have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with english grammar and sentence structure (which I obviously haven't had exposure to since primary school… a long time ago). While I believe I have reasonably good english skills, much of it is intuitive/subconscious with little thought to the rules that underpin it. I have a new appreciation for how difficult the english language is and have more confidence in identifying sentence parts and explaining this to others._x005F In the absence of face-to-face learning, the DVDs have been a great tool to give me an insight into efl classroom protocol and dynamics. Additionally, being able to bounce ideas off a tutor and get feedback has helped to clarify concerns and alleviate some self-doubt_x005F I am finishing this course with a huge amount of motivation to get into action. So that I can gain some more exposure to class dynamics and handling real life issues within a class, I have contacted a local english school and as of Tuesday, I will be sitting in on some pre-intermediate and then intermediate classes. Once I have completed my final summative task and received my certificate, I will then co-facilitate some sessions with the trainers. _x005F My next step is to get my hands on some course materials so I can familiarize myself to the process even further._x005F I think one of my key learning's has been to ensure I am organized and create well planned lesson plans, taking into consideration any challenges and things that could go wrong throughout the session_x005F _x005F