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In all my years I lived in Russia, I was able to pick up on many habits and difficulties in relation to Russians learning the english language. While the typical Russian is usually very smart, quick learner, and academically driven; all natives face various problems in the pursuit of mastering the english language. The first thing that is probably the most minor thing to overcome is the pronunciation of some of our english sounds, such as ‘th', ‘w', and some of our vowel combinations. Because the Russian language doesn't contain these letters or combinations, it's naturally problematic for them to make their tongue produce these sounds that their tongues have never heard or experienced before. Articles are a part of the english language that I believe are hard for Russians to fully grasp and utilize properly; simply because articles are not a part of their language structure. I think for the regular english speaking person, an article is something you just hear and know when to insert them or when not to. So I would think it would be difficult for any foreigner to pick this up…Unless they are constantly exposed and acquire an ear for it. Another part of our lovely, but silly language is simply this: So many words are spelled differently than they sound. So, instead of foreigners being able to just read what they see, they actually have to memorize lists of ‘exception' words. Personally, I know that in the Russian language, each letter of the alphabet always makes the same sound; therefore it's easy to learn how to read. Poor Russians as they set out to speak and read our language. They're up for an unexpected challenge. ? I've also always heard about what a pain it is that the english language has a whole lot of tenses, while the Russian language doesn't. I myself find it quite intense and difficult as an American citizen. So I can't even imagine how hard it must be for someone who grew up with very few tenses in their native language. I'm not sure what the true problem is but a pattern I've noticed over and over again is that Russian kids who have been studying english (as a second language) since a very young age, can very rarely even have a conversation with you. I'm not sure if it's the way that the language is taught in the Russian school system, if it's the teachers, or if it truly is a difficult language for the Russian people to perfect. But my hope and desire is that if/when I go back to Russia to teach english, that I will be able to get through to them and make a difference in the way that they learn my language. I believe teaching is a gift and something that can truly impact a person's life and future. So, all in all… I believe anybody who puts their mind to it, can definitely learn the english language. No matter what difficulties Russian people or any other foreigners might face; anybody can master it when they really try. I have confidence in all of you beautiful people, so let's go change the world and share the beauty of our language with other people.