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Being a native english speaker is not something most people from english speaking countries associate with being in a unique position. The ability to speak english is the ability to be able to speak one of the most common languages in the world. By being in this position of native english speakers are able to use this skill to teach english overseas, and this is an opportunity to step into another world and become part of it. Different from regular travelling experiences. By living and working in a non english speaking country you receive a unique insight that is reserved for those who take the time to get to know the land, to work with the community and to live with the people. It's an experience that is remembered and cherished. By completing a tefl course a native english speaker will have the skills and confidence needed to teach english as a foreign language in an overseas environment. Teaching english overseas gives the native english speaker the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world by enabling them to communicate with the wider world while benefiting them in both social and financial contexts. This experience allows the english speaker to access and interact with new people from all walks of life and all corners of the world, provides them with a great opportunity for personal development, priceless experiences, and enables them to enhance their existing skills and / or supplement their CV if wanting to forge a different career path. My recent teaching experience was teaching secondary students in the UK and it was a different teaching experience for me. I enjoyed the lifestyle that teaching in the UK offered, however the education system in the UK has an overwhelming focus on bureaucracy and school politics which detached from the importance of the teachers role. Because of this I found myself losing passion for the job that i had loved when i first started teaching. Once i decided I needed a new challenge I started to research teaching english to non speakers and looked at a number of different tefl courses. The decision I made was to complete a tefl course and to relocate to a non english speaking country to reignite my passion for teaching. I have now been living and working in Sao Paulo just over a month, and have found that teaching english to non speakers to be one of the most satisfying jobs I have had. I am currently teaching private english classes for two different schools weekly and am teaching a range of abilities from beginners to upper intermediate. I teach using various methods I have learned from the tefl course. Occasionally all a student wants to do is to spend an hour speaking in english to practice and improve their general conversation. All the students I teach are adult learners, whose reasons for learning english range from those who need to improve their english because of a requirement for their job, to those who are planning on travelling to an english speaking country. Seeing them progress through the language levels is extremely satisfying for both myself and the student, and is one of the many highlights of teaching english. On reflection, I can now say that moving to a non-english speaking country and teaching english has been one of the most rewarding things I have done. I have met numerous interesting people (locals and work colleagues), am experiencing a different culture and am currently learning a new language. I owe all this to completing a tefl course.