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Why complete a tefl course (8) Before deciding to start a course on Teaching english as a Foreign Language (tefl), one should fully understand what it is; the reason one should take it and the benefits of taking and completing the course. english teaching courses, such as Teaching english as a second language and Teaching business english courses, have recently become extremely popular qualifications around the world. People of all ages and from a variety of countries have chosen to complete tefl courses for many different reasons. So what exactly is a tefl certification? It is commonly referred to as a certification that prepares you to teach english to foreign learners, as a second language. It is a “program designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to teach english as a foreign language” There are a variety of TFEL courses, ranging from number of hours to in-class teaching and online learning, as well as courses that are a combination of both. Many countries have now begun to offer tefl courses that include hours of in-class teaching as well as an online learning. This is type of course is extremely beneficial to those people who do not have any experience in a classroom. The course helps prepare you for a classroom situation and practical teaching as well as learning all the particulars of the english language. Previously, the majority of tefl courses on offer were purely online as they were only offered by a limited number of countries. This was when having just an online tefl course was adequate to teach english in a foreign country. Why should one complete a tefl certification? I was encouraged to do a tefl course by a friend who was teaching english abroad. I was told that this certification would help me secure a job teaching english abroad, with a good salary. This was encouragement enough, as I had decided to take a gap year from my studies. I had already completed my four year teaching degree, which is minimum requirement for many teaching jobs abroad, so doing the tefl course would increase my chances of getting the job I wanted, in a country of my choice. This is probably the most common reason for doing a tefl course. Those people who do not have a degree in english opt to do a tefl certification as this serves as evidence of some sort of teaching certification to prospective future employees. Many people want to travel, but don't always have the funds to do so. Teaching while abroad is a good way to earn that much needed money, but in order to secure a teaching job, one must have some kind of teaching experience or evidence of doing teaching training, such as a tefl course. Having a tefl certification allows one to travel, live and work abroad, meet new people, to learn a new culture and immerse oneself in something new and unique. It also gives on the chance to fuel their teaching passion by “making a positive impact on the lives of people around the world.” Another reason is simply because it helps one find a job. Many people who are qualified in their respective fields are not able to find jobs in their home countries. My decision to take a gap year was less of a decision and more of a “no choice” situation. After having qualified in my field, I could not find a job. I had been searching for over six months and got nothing. That is when my friend referred me to teaching english abroad. It was a job, at least for a while. I also got to travel, which was one of my passions. My friend who is also qualified in a field other than teaching, took on a tefl course and completed it, this allowed her to secure the job she wanted with a higher pay than the pay of someone with only a university qualification. She has since found that teaching is what she wants to do for the rest of her life, it is something she never thought she wanted to do as a career, but is now convinced that teaching abroad is the job for her. This was just one such case, I am sure that this happens more often than one would think. People seem to find their calling when teaching abroad. Teaching abroad has become an extremely popular job option and because of this, the requirements are now higher. Having a tefl is fast becoming compulsory and will soon be the minimum requirement. I have found that having a tefl certification does not only help one abroad but also in their home countries. In my experience having a tefl is beneficial when applying for work. It shows that you have a good understanding and command of the english language, this helps in the business sector as well as academic sector. Essentially, having a tefl certification is beneficial to any person who wishes to teach (whether in a school, university, college or abroad), to work within the business sector, and academic sector. It raises ones qualifications and expertise. The most asked question by native english speakers deciding whether or not take on tefl course is “Why should I do a tefl when I speak english perfectly?” A common misconception is that tefl courses are better or more beneficial for non-native speakers of english who wish to teach the language or work in predominantly english speaking country. While some of this is true, it is not completely correct. Being a native english speaker does not automatically mean one knows everything about the language, all the rules and details nor that they are able to teach the language to students that have never spoken a word of english. A tefl course equips one with those needed skill. It teaches about methods and techniques for teaching english, what to teach, how to handle teaching in a classroom situation as well as giving information about students and their learning abilities, amongst many other areas. It shows prospective employers that you now have the professional tools and skills to teach in a professional environment. “Teaching english is a challenging job that requires not only creativity, patience, and intellectual curiosity, but also an understanding of english grammar and knowledge of language-teaching techniques.” The best part of completing a tefl course is that it is age, culture and qualification friendly. Anyone can do it and benefit from having the certification. Many older people do this after retirement as a way to travel and live abroad but still be financially independent. It is a great way to help you live out your dreams of seeing the world, understanding the english language and being the best teacher you possibly can.