TEFL Mount Zion Indiana

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I honestly thought I learned so much from this course. Although all the lessons were important, I thought that the video from Unit 10 was the most helpful. Since I am a visual learner, it had helped me to learn how a good and bad classroom should look like. I should NEVER sit around, but walk around and see how each student is working. I should also try to memorize all the students' names, instead of pointing at them or saying “you, the girl with a pink shirt.” I was able to learn and practice creating lesson plans. Before this course, I honestly did not know how to write a lesson plan. I also was not sure what the purpose of a lesson plan was. I now understand how important it is for a new teacher to create a lesson plan. From the many things that I have learnt from these 20 units, I will always look back to the lessons and try to incorporate them to my lessons. I will try to add more visuals and activities into my lessons, and remember that nothing should be taught in the ‘engage' stage. I will always try my best to follow the ‘engage, study and activate' stage. I will also try to get to know each student, so that I know what his or her weakness and strengths are. I also find it important to create a safe classroom environment, where the students are able to get along and ask me any questions.