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J.J. - China said:
While completing this course I have been working in china teaching five and six year olds english. Simultaneously teaching and taking this course has given me a great opportunity to practice, first hand, what I'm learning. I gained a broader perspective on how to approach certain aspect of teaching esl students such as how to teach a multilevel class. I've implemented ideas I've gained from this course into my lessons and organized ways to separate my students according to level for more one-on-one time. It's been a few years since I've had any sort of college english class, so this course has been a great refresher in that regard. Things such as rise/fall intonations and all the different tenses were things I hadn't studied since my freshman year of college. Refreshing that knowledge has helped me recognize things my students’ say using the wrong tense or not having the proper intonation and I've been able to, at a kindergarten level, address those issues.