TEFL New Holland Pennsylvania

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The culture of the students, students' needs and the personality of the teacher will play an important role to choose the right methodology of teaching english in the classroom. Students need to be motivated and the most effective method for this is ESA. During this course I realized the importance of this approach, especially the engage phase. Lesson plans are really vital. This is the first time that I prepare a lesson plan by myself. In the beginning, it seemed very difficult and challenging. After preparing two lesson plans, it became easier for me to write it. In the following years, I'm planning to find a job in a Kindergarten or at some private schools in my home country. I had 13 years of professional experience in my career at Information Technology sector in Turkey. I had hard times in writing quickly and effectively with my customers and suppliers. I hope business english course will help me a lot if I'll prefer to work in IT again.