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Teaching styles vary depending on the age of the learners. Their different qualities and tendencies have a big impact on their learning styles. So, it is important to plan out a lesson suitable for the age level. Most young learners are required to learn english. Whether it is following the school curriculum, or advised by parents, it is an obligation. Therefore, many students are usually not motivated. In order to get the students motivated, it is important to use interesting topics which students can relate to as part of the lesson plan. There is a need to use a variety of activities to get them curious and involved. Using lots of visual teaching aids, such as pictures, will help draw more attention. Games play a big role in activating stage. children like any type of games, so they are able to focus well and naturally engage/participate. Some of the most common games may include: hangman, Pictionary, miming, etc. One of the biggest problems for children is that they tend to have a short attention span, so it is also important to keep each exercise/activity short and simple. It is very important that all students participate and using pair/group works will help. children are more intimidated to learn individually especially if they do not know what to do. If you put them in groups, however, it will help them to engage and help one another. Since children are still at a learning stage, it is easier for them to learn a new language more quickly. So, it is very important to always encourage students and give positive feedback to give them more confidence. On contrary, most adult learners choose to learn english, so they are more motivated. Most adultsalready have had the experience of going to high school and college, where they have learned through lectures. So, it is not important to include game activities in the lesson plan (although it might be appropriate from time to time). Rather than games, it is important to use exercises such as worksheets. Adults tend to learn better through written down exercises since they are used to that type of learning from past experience. Typical worksheets include fill in the blank, multiple choice, matching, question and answer, essays, etc. These activities will help immensely on their studying stage. Adults also tend to have a longer attention span; it might be easier for the teacher to plan out a lesson as they don't have to worry about students' attention. However, it would still help students to pay a closer attention if teachers use topics that they can relate to. As for adults, they tend not to have any trouble studying individually, so it is not as important to include group activities. When it seems like they are having a bit of trouble in certain activities/exercises, however, it might help to pair them up.Although adults seem to have more motivation, they tend to learn more slowly than children. Since they have used their native language all their lives, it might be hard for them to make a sudden change in using a different language.So, it is important that teachers be patient and encourages them.